The UVAR Box Tool - powered by PRISMA

A digitization tool, approved at European level


Low-emission zones, parking regulations, congestion regulations, zones with restricted traffic or even pedestrian zones: urban road users are increasingly having to better coordinate their journeys with the applicable access regulations.

Access to this information is now being harmonized across the EU with the UVAR Box Tool. This is the heart of the UVAR BOX project, a pilot project of the European Commission. Under the leadership of ARMIS, PRISMA cooperated with AlbrechtConsult, AustriaTech, MAPtm, MEMEX, POLIS Network and TRT, as well as with Harrod Booth Consulting, Sadler Consultants and U- Trex as subcontractors.

PRISMA was responsible for technical development and made sure that a tool is now available with which UVAR (urban vehicle access regulations) data can be imported, managed and exported. Of course, our experience with digitization tools for cooperative traffic management was an advantage here. As with all PRISMA products, it is available as a web application and can therefore be used in the authorities responsible for UVARs - usually municipal and regional administration - with standard web browsers and without significant technical know-how. The respective UVAR data can thus be easily recorded and then made available to the cities via the open data portal. A release via National Access Points (NAPs) makes them integrateable with other systems of service, such as routing, providers.

In Austria alone, 274 UVARs are currently available digitally on the UVAR Box tool! Various import techniques were tested in the pilot stage. In the future, federal states, municipalities and cities will be active users and will be able to enter their data by themselves, initially supported by country coaches.

At the final meeting in Brussels in early September, PRISMA colleague Thomas Piribauer presented the cornerstones of the UVAR box tool. Take a look:

Or try the tool yourself at !