TRAFF-X® meets BAU: ER

Innovation for Munich city administration

For the improved management of events in public spaces, our innovative tools are in demand in Munich: the Bavarian state capital has decided to implement BAU: ER construction site and event management with support of PRISMA solutions.

With the innovative application BAU: ER, the city of Munich will operate with tailor-made, module-based software for the approval and management of special uses in the street area. The Bavarian capital, representing the largest municipal administration in Germany, manages and approves around 50,000 events a year in public and private areas; for example construction sites and excavations, but also various events.

We are developing a bundle of software tools for a uniform way of coordinating events: this comprises procedures for their administration and approval, including also the calculation of fees. The processes required shall be standardized across the various municipal departments and in-house operations and will be made available to all those involved without loss of communication.

We are implementing this project as the leading company together with two partners. Our long-term Italian partner BERENICE is on board and furthermore we were able to win the German company Q-perior as a new consulting partner. Our TRAFF-X® modules TRAFF-X.permit, TRAFF-X.coord and will bring many improvements in this context, so that traffic and other negative effects of special uses are reduced and use conflicts are taken into account; an improved overview of spatial and temporal relations is the ultimate benefit.

Both the employees working in the city administration as well as applicants will benefit from this overview: the central storage of all information and documents as well as uniform and uninterrupted processing options shorten the duration of approval procedures. Interdependent measures can be bundled in a timely manner. This reduces administration efforts and makes administration more efficient - and saves money. Self-service offers for applicants and automated process steps also take into account the provisions of laws regulating online access and e-government.