Traffic Data Acquisition Vorarlberg

A new basis for traffic planning and road construction decisions and measures

In the federal government of Vorarlberg, vehicle data are permanently recorded at 58 road counting stations. The acquired counting data are available to the regional government administration for future planning as well as for the creation of traffic management strategies. A new web application, as already implemented in other Austrian federal governments, will now valorize the collected data to their best possible use: the "Traffic Data Collection Vorarlberg".

Usability, performance, reliability and security are main requirements for developing the new software - possibilities for aggregation and evaluation of the collected data will be raised to a new level. The development for master data management is based on our well-proven framework. The definition of counting points displayed and their properties can be flexibly adapted to the requirements of the application.

Thus, with PRISMA expertise, a user-friendly web app is now also being created for the federal government of Vorarlberg - as the fourth governmental administration in Austria - which offers flexible analyses and filter options. The daily traffic data collected from various sources can also be visualized dynamically - by tables, diagrams or on the map - and can be exported in many common formats.

Implementation is planned already from June 2022 on. This means that regular operation will already take place before the end of 2022!