Mobility can be measured.

Measuring mobility behavior with MobiMeter®

The innovative tool for recording and analyzing mobility behavior: digital and central.
Today's top technology supports trend-setting decisions for tomorrow's mobility.



MobiMeter® records and analyzes mobility behavior. As soon as the app is installed on the mobile phone, it records the test subjects' routes and recognizes the means of transport used. Additional information is requested from the test subjects in the online questionnaire. The results of the anonymized evaluation are processed in reports, diagrams and maps. In addition, the link with other - current or historical - mobility data creates valuable knowledge as a basis for well-founded decisions in the field of mobility.


Mobility in the spotlight: Surveys and evlauations

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Factsheet: overview MobiMeter®

Elements and possibilities for application

Are you responsible for infrastructure and mobility issues?

Use MobiMeter® for

  • target group specific mobility surveys
  • ante / post studies of planning measures
  • analysis of mobility decisions

Are you curious about your mobility profile?

Find out everything about your mobility in specific surveys with MobiMeter®:

  • your routes and means of transport
  • your ecological footprint
  • your mobility profile compared to others


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